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Areas of Practice

The law firm of Stevens, Harris, Guernsey & Quilliam advises, counsels, and represents clients in regard to the following areas of law:

  • Divorce / Family Law

    Divorce can be an emotionally devastating and stressful experience for everyone involved. Our family law attorneys have extensive experience in identifying common ground while protecting first and foremost the interests of any children involved.

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  • Mediation

    In mediation, the parties pool their resources and contribute to the fees – paying the mediating attorney one retainer (as opposed to each hiring his/ her own attorney and paying two comparable retainers to them). This has the substantial advantage in that the goal is to minimize conflict and cost.

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  • Criminal Law / DUI

    Ronald Stevens, our criminal defense and DUI lawyer, can help you avoid jail, expensive fines, and the suspension of your license. He is aware of how a breathalyzer test can be affected just by how hard you blow into it, as well as the shortcomings of blood and urine tests. Certified to administer field sobriety tests, our DUI attorney can identify failures on the part of arresting officers when they violate proper protocols.

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  • Personal Injury

    People injured in car, truck, or motorcycle accidents often run into problems when settling with an insurance company. Our personal injury attorneys have years of experience in dealing with reluctant insurers. We consult medical professionals, detail your injuries, and aggressively pursue insurers unwilling to pay a claim amount proportional to your medical bills and loss in quality of life.

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  • Real Estate / Planning and Zoning

    Our business litigation attorneys review contracts, business formation issues, and litigate breaches of contract. We can help you avoid certain kinds of liabilities and ensure your business is founded on a sound legal foundation.

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  • Probate and Estate Administration

    When a loved one passes away, their property must be settled through probate proceedings. We work with the local probate court, filing any necessary documents to administer the estate and assist the beneficiaries in getting through a difficult process accurately and competently.

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