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Criminal Law

Our criminal defense attorney represents people charged with both felony and misdemeanor crimes. Working with investigators, accident reconstructionists, and forensic specialists, we challenge evidence, find witnesses the prosecution ignores, and defend your Fourth and Fifth Amendment Constitutional rights.


After being arrested for a DUI in Connecticut, you must immediately take steps to protect yourself and your driving privilege. No longer is drunk driving a minor charge. You need an aggressive, experienced and seasoned lawyer who will be able to protect your rights.

The penalties for DUI in Connecticut are significant. If convicted for a first offense you are facing a mandatory jail sentence of 6 months suspended after serving 48 hours or 100 hours of community service, you will also lose your license for one year. Your insurance rates will sky rocket.

There are many defenses, challenges and alternative programs available to someone accused of DUI. You must not just accept what is offered. You must be prepared to fight in order to be treated fairly. Not all DUI cases are the same – most are very different. However, they all can be defended.

Our DUI and criminal defense lawyer, Mr. Ronald Stevens, has over 30 years of experience helping people challenge DUI charges. We can help you avoid jail, expensive fines, and the suspension of your license.

Our DUI attorney is aware of how a breathalyzer test can be affected just by how hard you blow into it, as well as the shortcomings of blood and urine tests. He is certified to administer field sobriety tests and can identify failures on the part of arresting officers when they violate proper protocols.

Results are the reason why most of our clients are referred by other clients. Time is of the essence. Preserve your rights.

For more information about DUI visit the DUI Defense Website of Ronald Stevens.

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