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Divorce / Family Law

Divorce can be an emotionally devastating and stressful experience for everyone involved. Our family law attorneys have extensive experience in identifying common ground while protecting first and foremost the interests of any children involved.

We protect our clients' and their children's interests in any child custody, spousal support, or visitation arrangement. We consult financial planners and tax experts in evaluating the value of property and debt held, as well as in uncovering any hidden assets.

Since Connecticut is an equitable division state, the court will determine what it thinks is a fair and just division of property and assets. For this reason, it is especially important to work with an attorney who can serve as your advocate before the court, building a strong case that represents your interests and those of your children.

Divorce Mediation in Middlesex and New London Counties

Couples who wish to minimize conflict and costs associated with dissolving their marriages may wish to mediate their divorce cases. The mediation process is different from an advocacy approach to divorce in that the couple hires one attorney to assist them in procuring an amicable resolution of their issues, as opposed to each paying for an attorney to advocate from two differing perspectives. Learn more on our Areas of Practice: Mediation page.

As a mediator, Attorney Quilliam works with clients in both Middlesex County and New London County. She assists with the preparation of all documents required to file and prosecute the divorce action, and meets with the parties to review the relevant issues in the case in an attempt to facilitate an agreement with regards to those issues. Attorney Quilliam has sixteen years of experience in the family law field, both in representing children in contested custody cases and in representing spouses with regards to financial and custody issues.

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